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Tri-R Dies prides itself in the capability to manufacture the finest solid dies, hollow dies, rings and tooling in a wide range of sizes and alloys. Sizes available range from 6" through 24" diameters in all alloys. We have extensive experience with 7000 Series alloy. We work closely with our customers to design dies that are the most productive for each application – all manufactured using the latest technology.

The CNC Turning Area - Vertical

Tri-R Dies

We have two large CNC lathes, one vertical and one horizontal that can turn up to 24 inches in diameter.

The CNC Turning Area - Horizontal

Tri-R Dies

We have two large CNC lathes, one vertical and one horizontal that can turn up to 24 inches in diameter.

The CNC Milling Area

Tri-R Dies

Our ten 4-axis CNC milling centers have all the customized fixtures specific for the extrusion dies, to guarantee the perfect accuracy on the finish product.

The Wire EDM

Tri-R Dies

Wire EDM is the most important operation for the die, Tri-R Dies has ten all new Sodick Wire EDM machines that guarantee the best finish and accuracy on the bearing that will produce the extruded profile.

The EDM Sinker

Tri-R Dies

We have seven EDM Sinker machines to perfectly spark and finish the mandrel on the porthole dies.

CNC in Action

Tri-R Dies

Using top quality machinery & experienced professionals, here at Tri-R Dies we deliver industry leading products & service.

Smart Scope - Starrett

Tri-R Dies

At Tri-R Dies, quality is the result of experienced personnel operating state of the art equipment.

What people say

  • With year end approaching, I would like to express my thanks to you for the 1st class cooperation we have enjoyed during this year.

  • I am extremely pleased with the service and delivery.

  • Lead times are the best and performance is great!

    Futura Industries
  • Tri-R has the best die team I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Thanks for your partnership. Your team is the best in the business.

    Mid-states Aluminum
  • The pricing has been great and the lead times have been great as well.

    Benteler Aluminum Systems

We answer your questions

Tri-R Dies knows that customer service isn't a department, it's everyone's job. At Tri-R Dies, you'll always get top-notch service, regardless of the size of your firm or your order. Every order gets the same personalized attention to detail, and any questions or problems that arise get an immediate response.

At Tri-R, we personally understand the Price, Quality, and Service triangle. We've made the commitment to our customers to not sacrifice on service and to deliver premium quality at the best price.

Tri-R Dies is dedicated to delivering products that meet or exceed customer expectations while striving to provide the highest possible level of support, service, and satisfation.

Tri-R Dies is ISO 9001-2015 certified. That means that we are focused on meeting our customers' expectations and delivering satisfaction to our clientele.